An exhibition which shows the imagination of one man and develops yours as well.

Can you imagine that? Do you have a question, what exactly? Anything. When was the last time you closed your eyes and imagined your wishes, desires or dreams?

What often separates us from their realization is our own inability to really imagine them. We dream a lot, we are willing to work on our dreams, but do we really want success?

The art of imagining success, dream, happiness, finished work - whatever. We are often afraid to indulge in such a basic need as imagination and dreaming.

Tomas Bata - a world-class businessman - he could dream and imagine. Everything we admire today about the Bata legacy, what inspires us, arose in the head of a boy who had a dream at the beginning. A boy who could move the imagination of thousands of people. He taught people to dream and taught them one main thing - to fulfill their dreams.

The condition for success is to have a dream and be able to imagine it in the real world, the second step is to work to fulfill the dream. But without imagination, it is impossible.

This exhibition was named after the Bata motto “IT DOESN’T WORK - DOESN’T EXIST!”. One of the favorite Bata slogans, which carries the determination and desire to prove the impossible, because you can imagine it.

It was inconceivable for many people to materialize the visions that Tomas Bata had, but he did it. We know the Bata legacy through black and white photographs and it is difficult for us to be able to imagine a colorful Bata world.

Seen through the lenses of well-known photographers, Tomas Bat'a's Zlin was unimaginably advanced for its time. Almost as unimaginable as colour photography.

Let yourself be drawn into life in Zlín
full of colour!

Authors: Gabriela Končitíková, Vladimír Parízek
Colorization of photographs: Vladimír Parízek
Texts: Gabriela Končitíková
Professional supervision: Pavel Velev
Translation: Eliška Doleželová, Josh Wheeler
Graphic design: marketing agency MIUZA
Photo: State District Archive Zlín
© 2020 The Thomas Bata Foundation